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Changelog Beta Update 0.12

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Changelog Beta Update 0.12

PostMon Feb 03, 2014 12:58 pm

Le jeu a été mis à jour ce matin, voici la liste des changements.

- Updated account creation process: you now have to use your email address and password previously set to connect
- Restored Quit and Options in first connection experience
- Added Profile page that display some statistics and quests prototypes
- Connected UserOptions to Profile
- Fixed the Event system picking units even when they were not required
- Removed items slots from CompanyManagement since the feature is still WorkInProgress
- Removed barracks
- Removed some customization paints
- It is no more possible to purchase experimented units in shop with Ducats
- Updated Play popup to display additional AP information to improve accessibility
- Restored unit selection in Play popup, now using the same UI than PreMatch interface
- Default setting for Automatic MatchMaking Search during solo games set to unchecked
- Team adjustment timer in PreMatch increased from 30s to 60s
- Fixed challenge friend mode earnings

- Missions are now refreshed every 24h. Won missions can not be restarted until the next refresh.
- Increased the gain for successful missions
- Added many ways to interact with your missions' success chances
- Missions now have more pictures
- Added missions request time-out to prevent blocking UI
- Display missions difficulty when in progress
- Added a warning if a unit can die in a mission

- Changed "Fate Card" system to scale injuries cost on unit power
- "Fate Card" are now "Healing Cards" for consistency purpose
- "Death" is now treated as a "Coma"
- Added Healing popup in CompanyManagement to use Healing Cards to heal injuries
- Improved injuries and talents display in CompanyManagement

- Fixed some issues with the Offensive and Defensive Stances Orders
- Limited the Devotion (ability) use to 1 per turn
- Magical Power and Theurgic Power are now have an AP cost per level
- Minor change to the Lonewolf upgrade tree
- Added the ability to choose the destination of a charge by hovering the desired hexagon right before hovering and selecting the target
- Fixed "Scourge:Cowards" skill doing the opposite of its intended effect
- Fixed "Mortification" skill to not trigger effects like "Focus" (constant 10 damage)
- Legendary units now have different wound levels (15/30/45pv instead of 10/20/30pv)
- Changed the XP formula for every unit. It is now harder to get to higher levels
- Fixed an issue with the Black Paladin Renown Rank prerequisite
- Changed the Cyan prices of every unit (and unit pack) in the shop; they now scale more smoothly
- Wound system was changed to help players heal their lower units (in ranks or levels); higher ranks or level units can now cost more than before
- Changed the received injury formula (it will now be much easier to play Training mode without getting hurt)
- Tweaked the reward system per mode
- Increased XP gains when defeated
- Tweaked the matchmaking formula for the upcoming open beta
- Changed the first Deathmatch mode rank prerequisite

- Changed some units name
- Fixed some skills FX
- Various localization fixes (especially for spells, abilities, tutorial tips)
- Cleared the Renown Ranks localization
- Fixed some crashes when loading a match
- Fixed invalid company creation naming to prevent UI bugs when the name does not match naming rules
- Fixed possible issues when using Escape key in some popups
- Fixed issue with friends list being locked after chatting with a friend
- Fixed a rare bug when user accepted a game right after he left matchmaking queue
- Fixed a rare bug when matchmaking games ended very quickly and users went back to matchmaking queue
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Re: Changelog Beta Update 0.12

PostMon Feb 03, 2014 2:33 pm

- Fixed some issues with the Offensive and Defensive Stances Orders

Thank you....this works now.... :D

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