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Aarklash: Legacy - Special Promo on Steam!

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Aarklash: Legacy - Special Promo on Steam!

PostTue Feb 18, 2014 3:16 pm

It is now just over 5 months since we released Aarklash: Legacy, another video game in the universe of Confrontation, like Dogs of War Online.
In this solo adventure, you'll take command of a mercenary squad in search of truth and guide it through countless battles. If you haven't heard about Aarklash: Legacy before, you can find some infos here :

If you like old school tactical RPG and real chalenges, this is for you!!

Thanks to the support of the community, several new updates have been added. The game now supports German, Russian and Spanish languages! A free demo version has also been created so everyone can try the game before making his choice.

To celebrate this occasion, Aarklash: Legacy has a 60% discount during all the week on Steam.
Plunge into the war torn universe of Confrontation and join our fellow team of mercenaries!

You can donwload the game for only 8€ here:
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Re: Aarklash: Legacy - Special Promo on Steam!

PostTue Feb 18, 2014 3:28 pm

Thank you very much, this information is greatly appreciated. Now I have all 3 recent games of the Aarklash universe in my library. I'm especially interested in Aarklash: Legacy since I still play the Cadwallon RPG from ye olde Rackham with my friends (although we changed the ruleset).
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Re: Aarklash: Legacy - Special Promo on Steam!

PostSun Mar 09, 2014 12:20 pm

i like to see some monsters from Aarklash:Legacy in DoW :D and game is rly nice ;)

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