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Update 0.13.00 : Meet the champions!

Let's talk about official announcements.
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Update 0.13.00 : Meet the champions!

PostWed Jun 18, 2014 4:27 pm



Dogs of War Online Update 0.13.00 is finally available. Below, you’ll find the list of all the modifications :

- A new main game mode : “Confrontation”. The other modes are still available for friendly matches
- Updated in-game user interface, especially with Confrontation specific feedbacks
- A new type of units : the Champions. Three Champions are playable for free (one for each faction), the selection changes randomly every week.
- New order system in battle (ie : offensive stance). Orders are now given by the Champions to the units. Each Champion has a unique set of orders available, including one specific order. If the Champion is dead, units cannot receive orders anymore.
- 54 new units (18 per faction) to unlock by reaching renown ranks.
- New unit limitation rule. No more purchase limit (previously you could only get 5 similar units per company) but now you cannot send more than 10 units of the same type to battle.
- New units don’t have skill tree and don’t win experience from battle.
- We removed all the previous units with skill trees as well as the shards of oblivion
- We removed the injuries and the healing cards
- Improved friendly matches interface and options
- Rankings update, now monthly and only opened to players of rank 20
- New tutorial and starting company
- Missions are locked until rank 5
- New company management interface
- And many more upgrades and bug corrections

Also note that we refunded everything that you spent either in Cyans or in Ducats on items and units that we removed from the game

And if you were registered before the update, we gave you 20 000 Ducats to thank you for taking part in the beta.

If you want to share your feedback and comments on the new version of the game, go to the dedicated thread, here.

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