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Changelog Beta update 9

Let's talk about official announcements.
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Changelog Beta update 9

PostTue Oct 08, 2013 5:18 pm

Hi evereyone,

As the game is about to enter official Closed Beta, changelogs will now be posted in the news Forum.

Here it is !

- DogsOfWar logo now includes "beta" state
- Updated mailbox button
- Added resale price for items that can be sold in Armory
- Fixed filters update using the editbox in Shop
- Removed deprecated Expert mode option
- Added new User-Profile option page
- Options can be opened by clicking on the player name in lobby
- Updated Ladder display
- Added player names in ladder
- Fixed lobby music not being played if sound option is too slow at launch
- Prevented player invitation to private game if he's already playing or resolving a postmatch
- Various localization changes
- Fixed help pages alignment and tweaked some help contents
- Added help page for Play popup
- Added recruit friends system in Options
- Added button to copy your SteamID to your clipboard
- Added system for content key activation
- Removed Social tab in preparation for more users

- Fixed issue during transition between tutorial (home & postmatch) and matchmaking
- Fixed error message if registration fails
- Fixed error message on registration success
- Fixed being stuck to postmatch if you refuse a game while playing solo
- No matchmaking invitation while loading a solo game or during postmatch
- Player is now correctly kicked from matchmaking when coming back from a solo game with and invalid company (like if units died)
- Lobby timer is now reset in case of disconnection
- Fixed issues in adjustement validation
- Fixed possible issue with prematch users synchronization
- Prevented cases where player could be stucked after solo game ends
- Fixed some match sounds during unit attack, unit is attacked, death, parry, dodge and cast
- Added sound in recent first map
- Added a sound on charge start, charge hit, ally death, enemy death
- New graphic colors for units hexagons and their movement: Ally/Enemy/Activation
- Added VFX feedbacks for Orthodox / Iconoclast area
- New VFX for Faith contributions
- Added VFX for shooting diatance area and shooting distance sight
- Added covers display on units targeted by archers
- Updated charge VFX and added impact VFX

- Added screen borders when the opponnent is playing
- Attack and Cast estimations have been moved to top-right corner
- Updated rerolls and autorolls rules. Now "Bad Omen" and "Favorable Auspices" will purge each other on application. "Reroll" Order will trigger even after a "Bad Omen" forced roll
- Run range is now hidden when the cursor is in the Move range
- Fixed charge destination estimation
- Fixed movement range and interactions on pursuit
- Various improvements and fixes on ingame interactions (mouse focus, covers, path, FX...).
- Changes in the Light Punishment spell effects (reduced range, reduced damage, reduced mana cost)
- AP (Army Points) costs changed for most Traits
- Fang Warrior characteristics and AP cost greatly changed
- AP costs changed for many units
- Due to these previous changes, most starting Decks had to change in order to fit their 250 AP limit
- Wound chances were changed for many modes
- No more cooldown on the diving strike ability
- Faith system changed a bit ; Faith now has a max pool per turn depending on the Faithful level - others mechanics were untouched
- Many changes for Miracles:
* Exhausting Touch now cost less Faith
* Bad omen now costs 2 Faith
* Honor of the Black Paladins now adds a +3 Fear effect to all Paladins in the Faith Area
* Hymn to Destiny now has a Direct Damage effect on units that are not summoned. Its range was increased (from 6 to 8), and its difficulty reduced
* Internal Rage was changed (increased effects, reduced cost, reduced number of calls / activation, increased AP cost)
* No more limits for Inversion targets
* Mortal Insolence duration was reduced
* Luminous Remission now has a minor heal effect (along with the regen effect)
* Occult Erosion now has a direct damage effect (along with the mana burn and the curse)
* Spiritual aggression now has better damage, and its AP cost was changed
* Middle Way now has a range of 8 (up from 6)
* Martial Inspiration now has a +3 STR bonus (instead of +2) ;
* Incarnation of Justice now deals 15 damage per blow and give 15 damage to the Valkyrie for each blow
- Fixed some cases where the Chimera could not be targeted by Warrior-Mages or Legendary units effects
- Divine Favor Order effect description is now more accurate


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Re: Changelog Beta update 9

PostWed Dec 09, 2015 8:45 am

changelogs will now be posted in the news Forum.


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Re: Changelog Beta update 9

PostFri Apr 01, 2016 8:50 am

Very nice, it makes me understand more.

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