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Wolfen army's presentation

Let's talk about official announcements.
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Wolfen army's presentation

PostWed May 29, 2013 9:50 am

Hi everybody !

We would like to introduce you today another army available at the game's release :
Wolfen of Yllia

Througth out two new artworks and a presentation of the army, you will be able to decide if you'll swear allegiance to them or if they are your supreme enemy !

Army of Wolf - Whether roaming the wild lands or defending their territories, the Wolfen, half-man, half-wolf predators, instill fear into the heart of their enemy. Born to counter the unwavering ambitions of the Craftsman, the god who sought to overthrow order, they are the protectors of nature and the keepers of the balance of Creation. On the battlefield, the Wolfen are formidable fighters, guided by their predatory instinct. With deadly claws and fangs, they possess no need for clever tricks, but may resort to crude weapons made of stone, wood, and bone when faced with the technologically advanced arsenal of other nations. The Wolfen worship the moon goddess Yllia, whom they consider their creator, and they revere the constellation of the Wolf.

Here's two novel artworks of the Grave Guardian and Yllia's Hunter !




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Re: Wolfen army's presentation

PostFri Jun 03, 2016 5:35 am

whom they consider their creator, and they revere the constellation of the Wolf.

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