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Re: Wolfen Strategies

PostFri Oct 24, 2014 6:32 pm

I'm currently playing around with this idea for a composition.

6 Mercenaries 500 AP

Emerok- aoe parry, regen 2
x2 Warmage- On their own they are pretty weak, encircling together though makes them a bit more reliable since they get all the benefits of encircling and none of the penalties. Use of counter attack isn't always a waste.
Enchanter- help stall opponents trying to pick off a single unit at a time.
Devotee of Yllia- Reliable buffer.
Reaper- Another combat instinct unit fills what AP was left.

So far it's worked ok against what i've come across. edit: This build just doesn't work against Ram at all so avoid using it against Ram.

Edit: I decided to Swap out Devotee of Yllia and the Reaper for a Raider and a Fang Warrior. The extra ranged damage helps early on.

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