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Wolfen tips for beginners

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Re: Wolfen tips for beginners

PostMon May 12, 2014 10:35 pm

banescuf wrote:why doesn\t anybody say anything about the predator??

What i see right now with the wolven is the following:

PoB and GG should be swapped according to the enemy you face. They cost basically the same AP and perform the same role more or less but using them only against certain factions really make them shine.

Predator of blood (PoB) weak point is fear...and guess who has a high fear ratio --> Ram! Guess who has immunity fear and scourge: living dead? --> Grave guardian! (which btw with the scourge talent will do the same damage vs ram as the PoB but will have better defensive stats and fear immunity which is a very good thing)

Grave guardian weak point is the low ACC...and guess who has a high parry rate? ---> Lion! Guess who can hit reliably and bishot those pesky lion swordsmen --> Predator of blood!

Vs other wolven in my opinion it really depends...but i would go for PoB as i can probably burst down some enemy units quicker than the GG + higher fear ratio.
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Re: Wolfen tips for beginners

PostTue May 13, 2014 1:38 am

I find being able to take enemies down in one attack round to be invaluable in VIP. Which make POB/GG and level 3 fangs with mighty blow appeal to me for that kind of battle. Being able to pierce right through the enemy wall or jump a vip with your last move makes for some easier wins than they otherwise would have been. Once their VIP has been downed it doesn't really matter what the state of your army is in; so long as your own VIP is not within harms way. It's much harder to use this tactic on the lanevar map with you starting with the stones on either side of you though. Though in general that level is hard to play as wolfen because lions and rams know there are only 2 points of entry for the wolfen and the second point is on the other side of the map. It means you have a not so flexible team but it's nice being able to throw a curve ball and make your opponent have to play to your strategy.

This is the map i'm talking about i grabbed it in the training mode, i figured i've brought it up enough times that i ought to post a pic. ... =259356432

I think cutting the middle bushes on either side could/would help open up the map though i'm sure that would mean changes would need to be made to the current KOH tile positions. I personally much prefer the other version of this map as i feel it's much more balanced because there are a lot more pathways that can be travelled.


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Re: Wolfen tips for beginners

PostFri Jun 06, 2014 10:50 am

We will need to rework this Threat for upcoming Patch :)

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