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DW "Bękarty Helheim"

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DW "Bękarty Helheim"

PostSun Apr 27, 2014 7:41 pm

ok its time for sharing my RAM of the week company with 30:2:1 result

Composition was based about Symetrical 2x199ap
Lev 1 Necro
Lev 1 Gargoyle
Lev 1 Skeleton Bowman
Lev 1 Skeleton Warrior
Lev 2 Skeleton Warrior + Hard Boiled

I lost once to Tyssin Lions on Deatmatch (running for a Mage for 12 turns - that at the end having 8 hp killed my last necro).
Second lost games was also Vs Lions but it was Puzzle king of the hill scenario where i failed at dividing army and lost at my own wish.
Draw game Vs Vs Chimera that started running all over the map when brought to half HP. Chasing such unit with my band was not exactly possible especially when she managed to kill one of my gargoyles.

I played Vs many mages and mostly (with one exception above when enemy mage was good and quite lucky runner) had no problems with them. Also each time lone Swordsman below full hp was sent to kill my necro - i was really happy to kill him with necro + 1puppet mostly... difference between Necro HtH stats and this of swordsman is quite low when a puppet is added for help.

I noticed Very few players (3-4 lions, 1-2 wolfens) that was using full potential of their units to be honest and almost no good RAM players this week.

Personaly i have little hope that this composition wasn't most lame possible - and i believe that it can be made stronger and more lame by switching something for more skelletons or skeleton bowmans. But no matter what i would keep both Gargoyles - while they are so much "can kill everything" units. Especialy when enemy have two activations less than my and i can place them in charge range from enemy Mage/Necro at the end of a turn :P
For killing most of wolfens - gargoyles are real overkillers that with (soon to be nerfed) disfigured are so much unstopable Vs anything other than Grave Guardian.
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Re: DW "Bękarty Helheim"

PostSun May 15, 2016 9:53 am

I think what you offer, then it is better to have to throw the switch.
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