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few suggestions

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few suggestions

PostMon Sep 15, 2014 3:18 pm

first of all please forgive me if my english is bad

Between match we have nothing to do , you had an item to name our merceneries but why you name a mercenaries when we can't costumize their ,we can change color but this very limited .

So i suggest to have experience for the mercenaries ,the experience could be AP who could be spend to buy new skill or stats in exchange of increase the cost in ap of the mercenarie

Second we could change the color of all the elements of the mercenaries and if we can have variation of skin (like male archer or archer without mask or helmet )

third we could equip item on the mercenaries (so we could fight for loot too)

and four more units and factions ^^

the game dogs of wars is about a team we built and customised and i think these suggestion made the games more addictive

thank you to revive confrontation into you're games


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Re: few suggestions

PostMon Sep 29, 2014 3:29 pm

I'm hearing your complaints and I share some of them, however, there should be no XP for units as it gives higher level playes a huge advantage. They did something like you're asking about earlier in the beta and it was bad. Sure, customization was somewhat fun, but it severely hurt you when you had a lv 1 unit in the battlefield and he didn't get good until lv 3 or 4. He was just dead weight. It would simply make the game grindy.

I would not at all mind more units, but I would rather them do something to the units that they have now to make each of them identifiable on sight. Right now tiers 1 through 3 of a unit all look the same, so the only way to tell is to click on it and look. I would greatly appreciate it if they made each unit even more unique so there's more visual variation.

However, even that isn't my primary concern. My main concerns are the units that never get any time on the battlefield. The tier 3's that don't really have a place in any serious army. The units that lack a spot in an army and are thus left out. (Specifically the wolfen hunters, but there are those in other races also.)

Currently, I think that the game is very good, but still needs even more depth, units wise, tier wise, and race wise. Maybe alongside the creation of the new units or races, if the devs get tired/bored, they could go back to the old ones and see if they can't change somehting about them to spice things up a bit.

Example: The tier 2 fang warrior is the "tanky" one, so why not change out one of his blades for a shield? The tier 2 grave guardian is extremely tanky, why not give him armor made of the bones of his enemies? The tier 2 guardian of the equilibrium is a powerhouse that can not only strike from afar but also deal decent damage up close. Why not augment his staff with a blade or two to emphasize that fact? There are many more units that could use little changes like these.
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