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New guide section

Submit here your topics for the Official Guide! / Soumettez ici vos topics pour le guide officiel !
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New guide section

PostWed Dec 18, 2013 6:03 pm

Welcome to the new guide section of the forum !

After discussing this topic and the community, it was decided that a dedicated forum section would be open.

Here, the Dogs of War Online Team will collect your questions and ideas concerning what should be added in the guide, and more importantly, give plenty of answers and usefull information about the game !

The Guide subsection is locked to remain valid and as easy to read as possible.

A direct link to the guide section will probably be added in the game at some point.

The Suggestions subsection is open to all. We encourage you to post here about what you think should be added to the wiki, and eventually provide an answer if you know it. We will then review the questions and answer and add them progressively to the guide.

Thanks in advance for your contribution :)
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Re: New guide section

PostWed Dec 18, 2013 9:21 pm

my suggestion or what i would like to see:

- easy accessible in game guide: as i stated often players don't even visit a forum having both (even copy pasted) would be cool in my opinion and i dont think it would be too hard to implement it. At the very least would be nice a clickable link to the forum as "quick and cheap" solution or adding some extra text in the tutorial that points in this direction
- a glossary i think is for sure needed with all abilities and their effect described in more detail unless you improve also your tooltips this will be a welcome change
- a guide about how the "math" works behind the scenes , players are always interested to know especially about spells failure rate formula.
- Basic strategy guide -> engaging and disengaging enemies for example
- Community guides, chosen by number of readers/popularity in the "normal" forum.

i can't t hink of anything else...the list is based on what i would prioritize.
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Re: New guide section

PostThu Dec 19, 2013 11:52 am

We discussed internally the possibility to have the wiki directly in the game. The devs told me they have some technical limitations that would make it very hard to set up in the current scope of the game.
What we are hoping to do though is to have a direct link to this section in the game at some point, when it starts to have a decent amount of content.

A glossary is definitely something that would be great, but Devs are really busy with development and us community managers too so it may take a while before it happens. I'll try to lay some base for it if I have time.

As for the math, I see your point, I need to check what the devs are ok to tell or not. And to centralise here what as already been discussed.

Thanks for your feedback !
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Re: New guide section

PostThu Dec 26, 2013 10:33 pm

ideas concerning what should be added in the guide

Making a trafining game when player can confront two of his bands all alone would be great...
Especialy when some of the skills exist in the game only as efects of other skills (Bane for example) and some of units stats are not described in their visible stats (shooting range)

Totaly best option would be adding a sandbox directly to menu (similar as in RIP Battleforge) but training-arena mision described above would be enough.
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Re: New guide section

PostWed Mar 26, 2014 2:10 am

Yeah I think featured community guides would be awesome!
Also, a clear indication of how old, and for which patch the information in each guide/section is valid for.
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