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Wolfen buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:42 pm
by Astralwyrm
Heres some suggestions on unit balance for the Wolfen, i'm going to try to cover the other armies as well maybe. If anyone has any opinions on my suggestions or suggestions of their own please do post a reply. =)


Emerok: Chant of Destiny's explosion when units die shouldn't go off on units with Fierce. Maybe reduce his Strength as he is a bit too universal.

Ryskar: Ryskar is really powerful, i'm not sure about too powerful but maybe have Bloody Blades reduce pursuit movements by 1 instead of none so as to rein that in a little and encourage skillful play with him.

Kelrys: This guy is quite powerful just as a unit but as a champion and a leader of the Wolfen he fails to meet the mark. Howl gives him good synergy with Raiders but thats about it. i think most importantly he could use Commanding Shout instead of Natural Selection or Defensive Stance and some sort of change to Powerful Swipe because currently it doesn't have an onze of synergy with him.

Re: Wolven buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:51 pm
by Astralwyrm

Wolfen Fang: Desperately needs sneak attack to make it worth having on the board either that or a decent AP cut because they are just too expensive since they do not allow you to increase your army size at all most of the time.

Wolfen Reaper: ok not convinced they need anything really maybe another point in parry.

Great Fang: They could use fierce, they are very vulnerable units and fierce would allow them to go all out without dieing before they finish their attack round. I just think it would compliment their current stats.

i think they all deserve to be around 5 ap less than they are now honestly though to be fair the changes i would like to see might change some of that. The Raider is the best one since his synergy with Kelrys allows him to do some real damage without worrying about being hurt too much. -5 AP is probably all the Raider could want in a buff.

Assault Crossbowman: Raider is a superior ranged DPS in just about every way except that he has to use Offensive stance to really nail the enemy. Both of the Assault Crossbowman's attributes help him when his damage potential is lowest, when he is in combat. Neither of them really help him to perform Assault Fire. He really needs to be quite a bit cheaper to pull off his current profile, or an extra skill allowing him to ram enemies away from him so he can perform Assault Fire more often. You could make steadfast enemies immune to the ram effects.

Harpooner: Got to be the least interesting Crossbowman. I changed my mind on this guy, what would make sense is to make him a high damage high acc one shot unit who can't take orders. So Savage and 12-15 Acc and sharpshooter. So he's not very mobile, he can't use Offensive Stance. But he can fire from a long way away compared to the other Crossbowman and he doesn't struggle firing over bushes. He would be a really reliable unit for softening a target before you send your melee units in to finish it off.

Re: Wolven buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:53 pm
by Astralwyrm

The Enchanter should probably have his spells sapped of randomness. Some matches rings make wolfen almost invincible, other matches rings are like paper armour. Say Ring of Ice giving -3 arrow damage and immunity to Crits and Kill Outright from Arrows. Ring of Mist being -3 magic damage and Immunity to the special effects of spells like Dark Omen and Celestial Scourge's vulnerable. This might make Yllia's Love a lot less effective though... maybe change Yllia's Love to being only dissapearing when receiving a melee wound or Yllia's Love dissapears but negates the damage of the first attack.

Alternatively maybe up the mana cost to 2 and make the spell 75-80% chance to negate, focusing more on deterring your opponent from attacking a single unit rather than a protective spell you can just spread around your army. Mortification costing 1 mana probably wouldn't be all that broken since it already has an additional health cost to cast.

How about take away T2's regeneration and give it to the T3, that would make T3 a bit more survivable and open T2 to having the Yllia's Love buff to bolster parry and incentivise the opponent to try to remove the buff. A cost decrease for both of them would be nice too or an increase in will for T3.

Guardian of the Runes
Very all round war monks if a little too all round.

Devotee of Yllia: He's ok, maybe he's a little expensive though. Mask of Ghandar would be alot better if it's buff was more like this."Target ally gains + 4 Fear + 4 Will (does not effect spell damage) for the activation. If the target ally is frightened reroll their fear test."That i think would make the spell alot more flexible and useful for units like Lonewolves who need that extra will to successfully cast a spell and in some cases fear. I think alternatively allowing Mask of Ghandar to frighten living dead could/would be a nice buff as well. Or both but i'm unsure if that would be too much.

Guardian of Equilibrium: Fix Scourge: magician then maybe i could tell if he is too good or not.

Runic Warrior of the Wolf: Removing Savage would go a long way he is pretty good as he is right now.

Re: Wolven buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:16 pm
by Astralwyrm
Grave Guardian
Really expensive units, they are tough cookies but not often worth the high cost.

Scourge of Looters: I'm not sure about this guy if i'm honest he seems ok, maybe give him -2 toughness +2 damage to make him a bit more offensive.

Rampart of the Graves: I remember this guy from the old game, maybe he wasn't named this but i remember what his weakness use to be. He's far too all rounded and far too expensive for a tank. Bring him down to the same/similar cost as Scourge of Looters and take something like 4 dodge from him and give him 2 more damage.

Fury of the Graves: He can pull out some burst damage but hes very costly and savage is totally unnecessary. Besides removing savage It's hard to say but maybe a bit of a ap cut say -10 and +2 damage/dodge would help this guy alot.

Really glassy units. None of them really have enough parry to offset the very very low toughness they have. I would say these guys need redoing and here my ideas of how.

Warlightning: 14 parry, 10 acc, Prudent Movement, Assault Strike(-3ACC no Pursuit Movements on this attack) and Fencer. Fencer baits the enemy to attack in melee to reduce his acc when using Assault strike, Prudent Movement lets him utilise Assault Strike without worrying about attacks of opportunity.

Re: Wolfen buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:19 pm
by Astralwyrm
On the Hunters again i had a thought. Maybe if you reimplemented Assault Strike but made it so pursuit movement could not occur when you use it. This way you could use a Hunter like the Raider where pesky pursuit movements won't prevent the Hunter from being able to move away out of attack range.

Re: Wolfen buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:23 am
by Astralwyrm
Edited, changed my mind on a few things and particularly on Fang Warriors and Enchanters.

Re: Wolfen buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:03 pm
by Dragon_Warrior
Assault Crossbowman: Remove Fierce, you really don't want to use this guy at the end of a turn so it really doesn't help that much when you need to charge, Give him Accuracy or Hard-boiled.

Fierce on these guys are really annoying when i Play Strategist 4 Lions Vs Wolfen band camped behing one dying Fierce Crossbowman that will hit my hero no matter what ;)

Re: Wolfen buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:43 pm
by Astralwyrm
Not saying it is useless but and it's huge but. If Assault Crossbowman can't use Assault Fire because the opponent has a unit next to him then he's losing a big chunk of his dps potential. Again if the opponent also moves the target of Assault Fire whilst you try to remove the obstruction or even just before you attack, you lose a big chunk of your dps potential. Assault Fire is best used as early in the turn as possible to finish off a mob and then retreat using the pursuit movement. Fierce and even Contact shot doesn't help him until he's forced into a close combat situation and he's then forced into sacrificing dps as a result. Atleast he needs a fairly big ap cut to justify him not having particularly efficient synergy between his skills and attributes.

Maybe another way would be to remove contact shot/or not and give him a skill along the lines of being able to Ram an enemy into a space away from him so he can then use Assault Fire. That would be helpful particularly if he doesn't have multiple enemies engaged with him.

Re: Wolfen buffs/nerfs suggestions

PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:22 pm
by Astralwyrm
Edited Fangs and Hunters.