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The Injury System of the Future!

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The Injury System of the Future!

PostSat Mar 15, 2014 12:43 am

I think a good way to implement an injury system is to make injuries occur only in Ranked matches. I think ALL injuries should heal with RANKED games played or missed. All injuries should be healed on ladder reset. You could also have a mission with the same base chance for everyone to remove a injury: Trip to the doctors or something. The only way to improve that chance could be through a 'success booster' type consumable which could be used for the other missions also.
This has the potential to add some interesting dynamics to your ranked campaign. Does a guy sit out a few games? Does he play injured? it could lead to some on the fly comp changes as mercs become more or less able to take to the field.
It is also reflective of real sports codes where a bad run of injuries can decide a teams fate for a season. Depth of list becomes important and would make it feel more like a campaign and a genuine company.
To facilitate this I think merc slots should be replaced by a max AP system ie: 250 AP of unit storage + 50 AP per reknown rank or something to that effect. I have also heard somebody say that individual unit caps should be changed to on the field caps rather than purchasing caps, that would help also.
I think this adds more growth potential to a company and more company management.
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