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Heroic Missions/ Legendary Missions

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Heroic Missions/ Legendary Missions

PostThu Feb 13, 2014 10:30 pm

I just want to say first that I love the game and I think cyanide is headed in a good direction. On the other hand I don't want them to skimp on the full potential of this game. I respectfully suggest the following.

I think the missions are a great idea and I am sure you have plenty of ideas lined up for them. One idea I would like to put out there are 1/week and 1/month missions that put your single merc on a mission that spans server am choices and rolls that determine an outcome. The outcome being a piece of that individual unit that remains with them. The reward could range from an item (beneficial) to a badge (neutral) a title (neutral) to injury of course ( no one likes being injured).

The reason I suggest this is because you have a very rich theme here and I think you should not only take full advantage of this for lore, but let players feel that their unit has accomplished things beyond the hack and slash.

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