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First Impressions.

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Thrice Great

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First Impressions.

PostFri Aug 08, 2014 5:35 pm

Hello there Developers and fellow members.

These are truly first impressions since I started playing the game a few days ago.

I've found the game over Steam and wanted to give it a go since I like turn based strategy games. What hooked me in is the design of the fractions and the idea behind them with animals as insignia [Ram, Wolf, Lion] as well as the existence of the middle path which I took right of the bat.
I really did like the way that the roles were divided with magician, faithful and the effects that target one or the another.

BUT, what I really didn't like is the fact that the interface is counter intuitive both in the menu and in the game.
In the menu I found that icons for specific parts of the main interface almost never corresponded to the guess I made what they were for. Here I am mainly talking about Companies and Champions, Company Management and Inventory. Missions is kinda ok, but with the spread use of "?" or "!" for quests, maybe that could be added on to the scroll.
Company Management is a helm and shoulders and Inventory is plate. How one corresponds to another is beyond me and besides they are too similar in a sense of what they represent graphically.
A chest as in a crate or a box should work much better for inventory.
Company management would be better depicted as one big guy with a flag and smaller guys behind him... 3 of them lets say.
This would then lead to the change of Companies and Champions to be changed into three big guys with a flag. The banners there are one of the worst pieces of design I've seen for a banner in a while.

I would also suggest a use of bigger font and bigger buttons. While I can read it quite well and I have great eye sight, it feels too small. Last night when I was tired I felt a bit of a strain trying to read everything. I presume you understand that a lot of people play the game to relax after a hard day of university or work or both.
Buttons are also needlessly small. When you win a game and you need to go back to the menu is the best example.
Besides, if there are no statistics of the match, why not make it that just a click anywhere returns you to the menu and not that you need to click the button.

I know these are little things, but the interface is quite important for the general user experience. As I will continue to play the game I will try to provide some (hopefully) useful feedback to the developers about the game it self. For now this is what my first impressions were.

Hope this proves to be helpful.


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Re: First Impressions.



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Re: First Impressions.

PostTue May 26, 2015 10:58 am

Thanks for long comment. I enjoy the game too.


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Re: First Impressions.

PostFri Jul 10, 2015 4:39 pm

first impression is priceless. Great that you enjoy


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Re: First Impressions.

PostWed Feb 17, 2016 9:10 am

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