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Couple minor issues

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Couple minor issues

PostWed Jun 18, 2014 10:32 pm

One thing that has been happening to me is that, because some of the units look the same (Support Shooter and Irregular of the Lion - for instance), When I hover over them to cast a spell, it doesn't tell me which one they are. It's mostly just me because I can't remember what I did just a few seconds before. LOL

The other issue is just a typo and I've only seen it consistently on the Store/Troops page. It says Rang instead of Rank.

I think the Ducat difference between certain Champions (60,000) and a Servile Warrior (19) is a bit extreme. Just say'n.
I would also like to see some benefits for having Campions/troops that have been with you for a long time (like kill count, max damage, toughest creature killed, etc...)

Overall, there are a lot of new features that I like:
-You can create more powerful skill/spell combinations right from the start instead of having to wait for your units to advance.
-Having a lot more units and Champions to choose from.
-Adding new skills/spells

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