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Lanever Deployment

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Lanever Deployment

PostMon Mar 31, 2014 4:38 pm

Hi all,

with the last patch many problems with the deployment were solved, however I think there is still a problem in the Lanever map deployment: one player has to deploy all his units in the open (left and right side of the map), while the other can deploy all them behind the rocks/protected zones in the upper or lower part of the map. This usually gives a big advantage to the player that can deploy all his units under cover, while a great disadvantage to the other one. E.g., if both use archers, then one player has to move them to get a bit of protection, while the other can start firing without any problem, if only one player uses archers and he's in the open, then he's pretty busted, while the opposite happens if his deployment zone is in the lower/upper part of the map and the enemy is in the center left/right.

You should give to both players the same options to deploy their units: laterally or behind the rocks in the center so that both can start on even ground the DM. In general, I think deployments that can allow enemy archers to auto-heavy wound any of your units based purely on the luck of initial deployment (you can't do anything to protect your important units) should be avoided.

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