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Clash of the Titans: Champions Legue

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:33 pm
by Errol Flynn
The top 100 players from the 400 AP rankings qualify to compete in 800 AP rankings the following week. I also think it would be good if you could equip your company commander with gear. I have seen this in other games with gear adding things like XP/renown gain, gold, reduced injury chance etc. Maybe merc slots or more max AP storage if you adopt that system. Basically commander gear adds things that don't impact on the outcome of the game, or very minor in game boosts. Gear like this could be a good, fair income stream. Special pieces could be awarded from 800 AP League.

Another good way to make dollars would be a 'lucky chest' type consumable for cyans. These are usually pretty popular if they have the potential to contain good items like units (even levelled), slots, cosmetics, gear as above and always some lesser consumables.