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100 Games of Lion

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100 Games of Lion

PostFri Feb 14, 2014 9:35 pm

Here are my thoughts on the game wtih about 100 games of Lion, 20 Undead, and 5 or 6 BS Wolves.

Love the feel of the game and the strategy. There is definitely RNG in this game, but there is also most certainly a lot of strategy. My overall experience is a positive one and I look forward to new content.

Lion: Early encounters with PoB as a noob were horrible at 200 and 300. I did not pay for cyans so I thought they must have to get PoB, but I was disappointed to learn they didn't either. I took the mage valk spark comp and had some success until my mage got too high level to protect properly.

Met some players who simply flooded the battlefield with level 1 cheap units. This was very effective against me at 400, even though their play was poor. I simply got overwhelmed or couldn't end them in time to avoid the draw.

Some players brought in their legendary unit into 300 400. These were terrifying, but could always be broken down over time with some craft, but I really didn't like the RNG of "insensitive", which wiped out 6/6 of my spells.

VIP mode: No longer check this mode due to turn 2 wolves killing my notable. I think the map is at fault here. I can't snipe the assassins because there is too much cover.

Injuries: My level 5 mage was deleted after he got comatose for 16 heal cards. Many other units suffered the same fate. This system is very severe and leads to an amount of frustration and seems to punish weaker players (making them even weaker). Injuries, perhaps, should heal over time and you can pay to speed it up.

Respec: Yes, add this. I deleted many units as I learned what suited my play style, and also to fit the AP requiements for each bracket.

Side-Questing: Great idea, keep on this. I'd like to see story lines unfold with risk/reward over several days.

Keep up the good work, team! Bon chance!

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