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Dogs of War BETA - Impressions and Feedback

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Dogs of War BETA - Impressions and Feedback

PostWed Feb 12, 2014 9:35 pm

Since i couldn't find a specific place for BETA feedback, this seemed like the most apropriate place to post it. If there is another place, i would very much apreciate if anyone can inform me, and i will move my thread there.

Now, that being said, i would like to present my impressions of the game, its mechanics and any issues/bugs i have experienced myself. If any of this has been reported previously i apologize for the redundant post.

1. Infrastructure and UI

1.1 Chat and Friends

I think the chat window could use an increase in size, or at least make it possible to do so. As it is, it can be very difficult to describe anything in any detail without rapidly moving the previously written text off screen, and this will particularly be a problem as the game attracts more and more players. Aside from this, the chat window slider seems to be delayed in appearing somehow.

The friends function at the moment seems rather broken. In-game friend searches perpetually yield a result of "there are several players named that" and thus forces you to add friends on steam as well as in-game, which is an annoying extra layer of functionality to have to go through, and could be a problem if the person in question does not access the game through steam.

1.2 Tooltips

There seem to be a lot of possible improvement to the tooltips. Several unit stat interactions could use more explanation in detail, like damage calculation, ranged attack calculation, specific talent impact on abilities (Mastery of the arcanes +4 will power bonus for example, in relation to spells that deal damage based on will)

Also, the Allahan units will gain a buff called "Strength of the Lion" when resisting a fear effect, which gives a +1 damage bonus. I am told this is from the bravery ability, but this does not appear on the tooltip when examining the bravery ability.

Furthermore, the offensive stance order makes a unit unable to riposte, yet it does not state this on any tooltip.

1.3 UI errors

There seem to be a good number of glitches in the the off-game UI. The screen that displays your opponents faction, name and company name, during army selection, seems to more often than not simply display the allahan faction portrait, and the words "Heading-Heading" in the company name.

When searching for a game, often the "Search for game" button will remain the same, and no timer will appear under the play button, which can make it difficult to see if you are searching for a game or not.

2. Unit and ability balance

2.1 Predator of Blood

As it stands, the predator of blood is not only capable of dealing enormous amounts of damage, and has mayor dominance in the early 200 AP bracket, almost to the exclusion of all other wolf companies, but his ability to absorb punishment in return seems inproportional even for his point cost. I would suggest either lowering his parry rating, or possibly making all pursuit moves MAX 1 attack. This would also mitigate the wolf factions ability to steamroll through any army featuring light units. A slight cost reduction to the worgen may be in order as a result of the proposed change if it is implemented.

3. Bugs and observed issues

3.1 Taunt

The Taunt ability, while functioning as intended as far as i can see from roll log and damage dealt, does not show the factored in taunt reduction when calculating hit chance on damage when targetting units other than the taunter.

3.2 Harassment stance

I have observed instances where the wolven with crossbow was able to sprint, after firing his weapon.

more will be added as impressions cumulate.

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