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Game frozen in battle

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Game frozen in battle

PostThu Feb 06, 2014 9:02 am

Incident Place:
The game froze during turn 2 of a 400 point deathmatch battle in North of the Behemoth, before any shots were even fired.
I had just single moved an archer and pressed the end turn button but the turn didn't end; my opponent had used his skip turn (outnumbered) a couple of times and I had already moved two units. After a few minutes, I decided to force shutdown the game rather than admit defeat or wait.
Possibly just a server crash but could be a bug. How will the battle be resolved, will I admit defeat (or my opponent), will the battle just be ignored? Am I going to be locked in the battle and my account effectively frozen?

(edit)Just logged in and the game default admitted defeat because my opponent has more APs, I guess that makes sense in order to avoid people forcing a tie by just alt+f4. Just sucks I got the wrong end of the deal but I wasn't going to sit and wait for possibly hours...(edit) ... =224925588 (screenshot)

There were no .log files to be found at that location in my disk, I can't attach the "Dogs of War" .log files as the forum send me the following message when I try to attach them "The extension log is not allowed" and the .txt transcripts are to long for standard forum messages. Sorry the forum won't let me help you more.

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