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AP of starting RAM company/ Wolfen company

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AP of starting RAM company/ Wolfen company

PostWed Feb 05, 2014 12:24 pm

i think that skull warrior, necromancer, archer is broken

to start pvp y need 180AP

other 2 compant have 186-183AP this company have 177 AP u cant start to play on PvP if y cant buy aditional unit or spend a lot of time expping on training mode to lvl up. But with AI ist rly slow smthing like +1/+3 XP for game

the same y have with Wolfen company Predator + Hunter its 178AP if i good remember

mayby will be posible to change minimal AP from 180 to 177 for 200AP army at first 2-4 lvl account, to take them PvP like to other company at 1 lvl

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